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13 | November | 2008
New gallery

Morocco gallery is now online.

11 | September | 2008
New gallery

Portugal gallery is now online.

01 | August | 2008
New gallery

Koenigsegg Factory Tour gallery is now online.

29 | May | 2008
New gallery

Framed 2 gallery is now online.

20 | September | 2007
New gallery

Thailand gallery is now online.

About phlair.net

Mark "Malocchio" Maiolo began his photographic interest in earnest in 2005, when he purchased his first digital SLR Camera. From here he has studied and worked on his skills in an ever-enduring desire to further master the dark art of photography.

Besides photography, Mark is an avid fan of all types of motorsport, enjoys travelling and has dog and a multitude of tropical fish.

Photographers which Mark admires, and has been influenced by.
Anthony "Blueyes" Sacco - http://blueyes.gs
Ronnie Ling - http://www.ronnieling.com

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